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Nutrition - food grain

Oshawa menu

As animals have this intuition to choose curative herbs alone would be normal for the man who is superior to all animals to be able to cure all disease itself.
macrobiotic diet is called the art of longevity and rejuvenation. If you had experienced bitter and costly medical treatments and physical, try this method of treatment, this diet is so extraordinary as it is simple and painless. Everyone may, at any time if there is determination to heal himself. This method of healing does not depend on only yourself, the consistency with which you can follow a particular regime. This diet consists of natural grain shell, fruit and vegetables and very little salt yang. These raw materials of a table, well chewed, enter our digestive tract and are transformed in a few minutes up to several hours, new blood, replacing a proportion of 10-15% of old blood.

This process, conducted every day will make all the changes to be accomplished in 10 or 15 days. Blood nourishes, restores, revives, makes funnctioneze all our body cells. Because eating a month about 50 to 60 pounds of food and drink, enter monthly almost 10 times more material than your blood. This mechanism of uptake and metabolism daily, you can change your constitution in its entirety in less time and can give your food a new direction every day.
constructed by Dr. Oshawa preparatory diet guidelines you should have the following composition: 70% up to 90% of your food to be grain, 30% to 10% should be vegetables prepared by one of various cooking methods that will be discussed below. After you follow preparatory recommendations for several months, you can use your way of cooking, as you feel the absolute need and taste your listening to your own requirements, as will restore your health. The system will support such a long time, much will be better, you will detach from the coarser aspects of life and you have a better court.
The regime presented in the following is most severe, but also the most effective of the procedures indicated by Dr. George Oshawa, with a maximum efficiency in all diseases caused by excess energy while allowing a balance of yin and being quick in terms of energy (yin-yang). Regime requires a period of ten days to eat only grains: wheat, rice, millet and buckwheat, in any combination and proportion, boiled or baked. As fluid should be consumed only water and only in exceptional cases basil tea or black tea. This regime can be repeated several times (in groups of ten days) with a break of one to five days between two such groups, during which you can eat other foods, preferably all yang, until achieve the desired effect.
manufactures cleaning action regime body of impurities, releasing energy in the body routes allowing the flow of energy. This purification results in an immediate general rinsing and considerable clarity of mind, digestion becomes better, hormonal secretions are controlled and skin is clean and bright. The eyes are bright and being an unexplained feeling strength and zest for life, her foreign before. Side effects that may occur due to physiological cleansing and detoxification intense massive body will disappear, however tenaciously continuing diet, giving them a place totally different bodily conditions and even a different metabolism, greatly improved. These reactions do not occur except as massive detox. Is very purifying, this treatment should be used even for healthy people to refresh and general body purification. The following is a few recipes that make it possible to follow this diet.

Wheat baking
wheat Wash well and place in pan with salt and water, enough to cover it. Let it heat up much water evaporates, then stir continuously. It is important fire to be strong for grain to be crunchy and not hard. Bake until light changes its color and grain is easy to chew. Ideally in such cases is to use a teflon pan or a cast iron pot. Proceed buckwheat and millet analogous to stating that must be cooked without being soaked in advance.

Rice soup with dumplings Wheat
From a quantity of whole wheat flour, water and salt to make a soft dough (softer than the flat) and leave to soak for 15-25 minutes.
From this size are dumplings small, they are put in boiling water with salt. Boil about 10 minutes, then add rice or rice flour.

Wheat and rice porridge
with salt Put water to boil. When boils pour in rain, whole wheat flour and rice flour, until you get desired consistency. Warning! And wheat and rice swells in cooking, so you have to leave softer composition. Boil 20-30 minutes.

Cake flour
is finely ground wheat flour until it becomes like a. Make a dough of water, salt and wheat flour complete previously obtained. Allow approx. two hours to soak, then I flattened that are flattened to ripen in a teflon pan without oil on low heat. It is recommended that you be as thin turtitele. Proceed analog for buckwheat. It also can be flattened and the mixture of wheat flour, buckwheat flour. Can be made ??from wheat flour fully incorporating a few tablespoons of boiled rice. It makes a softer dough in this case.

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