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Vegetarian recipes -
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1. Stuffed peppers

"Two onions
"2 carrots
"1 celery
"natural vegetation
"500 g rice
"flour 2 tablespoons of millet
"approx. 1 kg pepper

Finely chop onions, carrots and celery are given grated. It is all in a little water calesc with natural vegetation. Add broth and boil 2 peeled and not form a sauce. Rice is chosen, rinse and drain, then add to cooked vegetables always amestend not to catch the bottom.
For the composition should not open up my add flour and mix to homogenize it from heat and add salt, finely chopped greens. With this mixture fill the peppers to boil in water with broth.


In this composition can be put after pleasure each other vegetables like peppers stuffed recipe from ovo-lacto-vegetarian recipes

2. Roasted peppers salad I

"2 kg sweet baked
"two onions
"natural vegetation
"honey, salt, 2 tablespoons oil

Roasted peppers on the stove or oven peel, drain and place in a bowl. Separately fry the onion with a little water in natural vegetation. Add the broth or you can put 2 peeled chopped tomatoes and cook until sauce becomes. In this sauce, after take off the heat and cool slightly, add some honey, and salt to taste 2 tablespoons oil. Torna sauce over peppers.

3. Roasted peppers salad II

"2 kg sweet baked
"two onions
"chopped parsley, salt, natural vegetation
"2 tablespoons oil

Peppers ripen on the stove or oven and then peel, wash and drain, then place in a bowl. Finely chop onions and put in natural vegetation quality in some water. The onions add parsley. After quality onions are you from heat and add salt to taste and 2 oil and torna lunguri over peppers.

4. Potato diet

"1 kg. Potatoes
"1 bunch green onions
"2 tablespoons oil

Peel potatoes, wash and cut large pieces and boil, but it does not boil too much. After boiling drain and sprinkle chopped green onion and oil.

5. Potato Salad I

"1 kg potatoes boiled in shell
"parsley, salt, oil

Peel and cut potatoes pieces. Put some salt, chopped onion, chopped parsley and oil.

6. Potato Salad II

"1 kg potatoes boiled in shell
"three boiled carrots
"two onions
"200 g beans
, "salt, oil, olive
"juice from 2 lemons

Potatoes and carrots cut pieces, cut onion fishes. Beans cooked add the other vegetables and mix with salt, oil, lemon juice and olive.

7. Potatoes with mayonnaise

"1 kg potatoes boiled in shell
"mayonnaise rods
"salt, parsley, olives

Potatoes cut small pieces and mix with mayonnaise mixed with the rods. The fourth set of rods used, crush and mix with a little cold water and obtain a homogeneous paste. Do not use too many rods to not taste too strong rods. Then add the oil little by little and still make from time to time, one tablespoon of cold water. At the end add the whims of a lemon. Put mayonnaise to taste. Add salt, onion fishes, chopped parsley and olives.

8. Stuffed Potatoes

"2 kg potatoes boiled in shell
"a package of soy granules
"broth, onion
"500 g mushrooms
"salt, sweet paprika

Peel and cut potatoes on the run. The pick so that they remain a wall thick enough not to break.
filling is made ??from soy granules in water to boil and salt natural vegetation (the boiling soup in soy is better, the soybeans will be more tasty). After cooking, remove with slotted spoon soy and drain and mix with tomato sauce and chopped onion and chopped mushrooms and cooked with natural vegetation. The mixture is put into potato halves.
hollowed potatoes with mayonnaise mix of rods. If the paste is very soft, pour over potatoes, and if put on a more consistent and placed apltou potatoes over it. Sprinkle over the chopped parsley and olives.

9. Baked Potatoes with Soy

"1 kg cartofifierti in shell
"g soy granules 150g
"two onions
"500 ml broth
"sea salt, 3 tablespoons flour

Peel and cut potatoes into slices. Soybeans are boiled in water with natural vegetation and sea salt to taste, then remove and drain. Cut onion and cook 3 minutes fishes. Mix soy onions are they?, Salt to taste and flour soaked in water.
The lining a pan with bread crumbs and place a state of potatoes, stuffing and then put the last layer should be potatoes. Bake until slightly browned potatoes. After removed the tray from oven and cool slightly, rub with oil mixed with sweet paprika. Serve with garlic sauce.

10. Mushroom stew

"1 kg mushrooms
"two onions
"natural vegetation
"3 tablespoons flour
"salt, oil, parsley

Sew mushrooms clean, wash and cut pieces. The natural vegetation calesc in water, along with finely chopped onions. Adauda longer than broth and cook until the mushrooms are cooked. Soft flour with water and add the mushrooms and simmer 3 minutes. In the end add chopped parsley, salt to taste and a little oil.

11. Fried mushrooms

Mushrooms cleaned and washed and put the heat on the grill and cold. Then place in a bowl and sprinkle salt and oil, herbs and garlic sauce. Mushrooms can be made in the oven.

12. Baked mushrooms with green beans

"1 kg mushrooms
"1 kg green beans
'natural vegetation, salt, parsley
"two onions

Clean the mushrooms, washed, cut into pieces and calesc natural vegetation water and salt to taste. Beans are washed, broken pieces, boil and drain.
onions cut small fish and boil 3 minutes and remove from water.
Prepare a wallpaper tray that put bread crumbs mixed with green beans mushrooms and put over boiled onions, chopped parsley leaves and leave in oven 20 minutes.
Remove from oven and let cool, then rub with oil mixed with sweet paprika address. Serve with garlic sauce.

13. Mushroom Pate

1 kg mushroom pate is made from recipes that ovo-lacto-vagatariene.

14. Mushrooms with mayonnaise
"1 kg of mushrooms
"rods mayonnaise
mushrooms clean, wash and cut into pieces and bierb clacotita with salt water. After cooking, drain and mix with mayonnaise rods.

15. Stuffed Mushrooms

Are chosen large plalariile mushrooms. They clean the blades and wash.
filling is made ??from lemon, finely chopped mixed with a little feet of rods mayonnaise, sea salt, a little pepper, paprika and parsley. Mix all the uniform and put on hats of mushrooms and place in pan in the oven. After you have baked, remove and let cool. It strtopesc oil and cook garlic sauce before serving.

16. Rice pilaf with mushrooms

"1 kg mushrooms
"two onions
"250 g rice
"natural vegetation
"or 1 bell pepper paste
"salt, oil, parsley, broth
onion Peel and chop finely, place in water quality with natural vegetation, 2 tablespoons The bulionsi pepper chopped.
the mushrooms clean, wash and cut small pieces and add to onion. Rice is selected, washed in water maimulte other ingredients and add to the hardened and comaleteaza water for boiling total. Stir occasionally so as not to catch the bottom of the pot. Over the longer adauda boiling water. When everything is cooked, add salt to taste, chopped parsley and a little cooler after you add a little oil. Taste one can add other spices oregano, marjoram, sage, etc..

17. Cauliflower with mayonnaise

Take cauliflower and boil bouquet unfolds with some sea salt. After cooking, remove and drain and crush with a fork (or remain whole after good clump) and mix with mayonnaise rods and add garlic.
If buchetelele to remain whole cauliflower, mayonnaise will pour over them and can decorate with other vegetables.

18. Cauliflower soup

"1 cauliflower
"2 carrots
"two onions
"2 potatoes
'natural vegetation, salt
"oil, broth

Finely chop onions and carrots clean and give the little grated, then put the water quality in natural vegetation and broth. Add the chopped potatoes and add water. Take cauliflower and loosen bouquets that boil the potatoes are boiled and boil half full. At the end, add broth to taste, salt, herbs and finely chopped 2 tablespoons oil.

19. Cauliflower Salad I

A cauliflower bouquet unfolds to cut small pieces and add salt, oil and finely chopped greens. To be more sour and can put a little lemon juice or broth.
At this salad can be added and other vegetables pepper, tomatoes, etc..

20. Cauliflower Salad II

A bouquet unfolds cauliflower and boil with salt, then remove and drain. After they cooled, placed on a paltou and sprinkle with oil mixed with sweet paprika. Garnish with chopped parsley and olives.

21. Cauliflower in spicy sauce

"1 large cauliflower
"two onions
"salt broth
"thyme, bay leaves
'natural plant oil
"or a bell pepper paste

Cauliflower bouquets burst and boil with salt, then remove and drain and place on a platter. Finely chop onion and place in water quality with natural vegetation, broth and chopped pepper, bay leaves and thyme. Cook until onion is cooked and water has fallen and formed a sauce. When cool add a little salt to taste, 2 tablespoons oil and garlic. Mix well and pour over cauliflower.

22. Pumpkin stew

"1 kg courgettes
"two onions
"1 tomato or broth 3 tablespoons of
"natural vegetation, salt, oil
"or a bell pepper paste

Onion peel and finely chop. It offers quality along with natural plant tomato and pepper crust without toacet small. After you have quality dovelceii add peeled and chopped. Add water and cook whole. In the end add salt, finely chopped greens and 3 tablespoons of oil.

23. Pilaf rice with zucchini

Prepare a regular rice pilaf that put cooked diced zucchini.

24. Zucchini pasta

Dovelceii bake in the oven as eggplant, then peel, let to drain and chop. It mixes with the rods and add mayonnaise to taste and garlic giving. In this paste can add onion grated or finely chopped date.
paste can be made ??of boiled pumpkin.

25. Zucchini salad

The chosen few young zucchini, peel and cut in slices and boiled with little salt. After disks are placed on a boil and paltou Garnish with tomatoes, chopped herbs and olives. The adauda oil and salt to taste.

26. Dry bean paste

Wash beans in several water and soak for several hours, then boil some roots and herbs together with netocata. After cooking remove the green and root vegetables and beans Drain and let cool. Then give the grinder and mix. Add salt, pepper, paprika, onion and garlic finely chopped.

27. Salad beans

"500 g beans
"two onions
"green salt, oil
"lemon juice, olive oil
beans are washed in several waters and put to soak for several hours, then boil with salt, total. Drain and put in another bowl. Add the onion small fish, chopped green garlic, lemon juice, salt and oil. Stir and Garnish with olives.

28. Green Beans low

"raw green beans or a jar of canned beans
"2 onions, garlic
"or 3 tablespoons tomato paste 1 tomato
"natural vegetation, salt, oil
"green, 1 green pepper

Onion peel and finely chop. Clean and wash beans. Place in water quality, onions, beans, natural vegetation, finely chopped tomato and pepper without bark chopped. Then add water and boil all. In the end add chopped greens, garlic, salt and oil.

29. Lentil soup

"250 g lentils
"400 g potatoes
"2 onions, carrots, patrunjei
"green salt, oil
"natural vegetation, broth

Lentils is selected, washed and boiled, then wash in several waters and drains.
Onions finely chopped and boiled with natural vegetation, a little broth, chopped potatoes, carrots and grated patrunjeii are given and Boil all. After boiling add the lentils and simmer 5 minutes. In the end add salt, chopped herbs, broth and lemon juice and oil.

30. Iahnie lentil

Lentils boil and foam that forms is taken with slotted spoon.
Onions fry with natural vegetation, broth and a chopped pepper and then add water and cook until onion is cooked and water has declined to form a sauce. Add the cooked lentils and simmer a little and add chopped herbs, salt and oil.

31. Pilaf rice with lentils

Prepare a regular rice pilaf plus boiled lentils.

32. Lentil Pate

"200 g lentils
"400 g potatoes
"mayonnaise rods
"salt, garlic

Lentils and potatoes are cooked separately and are given by grinders and chop finely, then mix with mayonnaise, salt and garlic.

33. Pea low

"250 g peas
"two onions
"green salt, oil, flour
"natural vegetation, broth, 1 pepper

Fry onion in water with natural vegetation, broth and chopped pepper, then add peas and boil with water and total. Add the finely chopped herbs, salt and flour soaked in water and simmer until thick. At the end add the oil.

34. Pasta peas

"1 kg. peas
"two onions
"natural vegetation, salt, oil
"or a bell pepper paste

Boil peas and give the grinders. Finely chopped onion fry in water with natural vegetation, broth and chopped pepper. After onion is cooked, add the split peas and chew homogeneous. Add oil, salt to taste.

35. Pea salad

Boil and drain peas. Place in a bowl and add onion fishes, finely chopped herbs, oil and salt. Can acres with lemon juice or broth.

36. Iahnie chick pea

"500g chickpeas
"two onions
"salt, coriander oil,
"natural vegetation.

Chickpeas is chosen and put to soak for the night, then boil, drain and season with coriander (white pepper) to taste.
Onions quality put in some water with natural vegetation, bay leaves, pepper and finely chopped little broth. After the onion has cooked add chickpeas and still give some hot. At the end, add sea salt to taste, a little oil.

37. Pilaf with chickpeas

Prepare a regular rice pilaf plus chickpeas prepared as in recipe above.

38. Chick pea pate

Prepare like Lentil Pate.

39. I eat the leek

"A few threads of leek
"two onions
"spices (bay leaf, natural vegetation, etc.).
"broth, oil, salt

Leek clean and cut slices, place in water quality in some finely chopped onion, spices and a little broth. Then fill with water and boil. To finally put and olives pitted and cut pieces and boil all. Remove from heat and put sea salt to taste and a little oil.

40. Leek salad

Cut leeks sliced ??or pieces and mix with salt, oil and lemon juice or broth.

41. Food Leek II

"A few threads of leek
"two onions
"or equivalent in five tomato broth right
"one sweet
"salt, flour oil

Clean leeks, cut slices or large pieces and boil in salt water then drain.
Apart from making a sauce: fry the onion finely chopped water with natural vegetation, bay leaves, pepper and finely chopped without peel or cut a little red broth. After everything is cooked, add flour soaked in water and simmer 4-5 minutes. To this sauce add the leeks and simmer 5 minutes. At the end, add sea salt to taste, a little pepper and oil.

42. Soy pate

Prepare as chickpeas and lentils and pates.

43. Soy block

"Soy beans 250 g
"250 g potatoes boiled in shell
"1 clove of garlic
"leaves of parsley and celery

Soybeans are put to soak and grind 10:00 then boil in salted water. After boiling, strain and add grated potatoes or give crushed, crushed garlic, finely chopped herbs and spices to taste. The homogeneous mixture and place in pan in oven 20 minutes. Prior to bake cut pieces in the form in which it serves. After Remove from oven, place oil over.
tray lining with bread crumbs or without bran oil. 44. Textured soy

Textured soy can prepare many recipes. Boil 20-30 minutes in a soy broth (water, natural vegetation, salt, pepper, etc.) and prepared according to the texture that is:
"schnitzels - after they boiled soya chunks, remove and leave to drain. add salt, pepper and give the bread crumbs. Put in a pan without oil wallpaper breadcrumbs and place in oven and leave for a few minutes on both sides until a crust forming. Then remove and give the oil mixed with sweet paprika,
"meatballs - baked in the same manner as snitelele,
"At various stews and pilafuri
"in soups, broths

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