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Yoga science

Chakras or centers of power sites


The word chakra is Sanskrit terminology wheel or circle - centers that focus subtle energy force, prana. They obviously affects the endocrine glands and certain physical organs which are points of intersection between the physical and psychological. Chakras are located along the spine (shusumna nadi).

Muladhara chakra
is the first chakra and is the base of the spine between the anus and sex. Keep the earth element. It is also the headquarters fundamental energy Kundalini Shakti. Word literally means radacdina Muladhara where the entire system draws its vitality and energy. Therefore it governs everything related to the physical coarse primary instincts, power, vitality. Yogis who meditate on the chakras reach vitality, strength, power and contrologreutatea to physical and primal instincts.

Svadhisthana chakra
Appropriate water element. Hypogastric plexus is physical location. Govern erotic feelings, love (not reproductive instinct that keeps the Muladhara). Corresponding area of the kidneys and genitals. One who meditates on these chakra no fear of water "when he get great psychic powers, imagination, creative genius and a perfect mastery of sexual function and sensation. Inlantuitoare passions, anger, jealousy, attachment is easily removed by the meditators here "- Swuami Shivananda.

Manipura chakra
situated in the navel. Physical correspondence to the solar plexus. Govern liver (so even the Bible says that anger comes from the liver) etc stomach.
Shivananda great yogi described as responsible of will power, solar (fire subtle) or fear. "
One who meditates on this chakra will not fear death and will and strength are amazing. "

Anahata chakra
center is located in the heart with cardiac plexus physical correspondence. 12 nadiuri (energy pathways) are based here. Symbolic form of this area is the Star of David with six corners. From this spring paranormal powers such as levitation, duplication, or translated into other worlds or objects (empathy). Is subtle element of air. This center governs emotions, sensations, feelings of inner peace, fulfillment, etc..

Vishuda chakra
at the base of your neck of the element ether, physically corresponds laryngeal plexus. Vishuda acashica chakra is responsible for knowing. Who meditate here can translate easily into the past or future. Tibetan texts say that through this center plans get in touch with various subtle dreams.

Ajna chakra
synonymous with that of the three third eye "eye of Shiva" This center corresponds supramentalului as described by Sri Aurobindo and complete awakening of Ajna gives spiritual enlightenment and destruction of karmic connections allowing stunning psychic acquisition related to the mental sphere and beyond . Mainly govern attention, lucidity, and mental functions of thinking, clairvoyance, etc..

Sahasrara chakra
above the top of the head beyond the upper end of the spinal cord. 1000 nadiuri has subtle, in fact an infinity that can produce more or less energized. Physics is still creating his correspondence. It is the center of the whole of the macrocosm, God. Belongs to a much higher level of reality than other power centers. Here is the divine consciousness beatific experience. "Here yogi enjoys supreme happiness and realize the highest knowledge" Swami Shivananda more specific.

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