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Yoga science

Ancient science


Yoga is a science par excellence, a comprehensive philosophical system. Although it is accompanied by rituals often they are not part of yoga practice after only a Fill and level the person will practice. Already famous in the days of Alexander the Great (who practiced yoga under the guidance of wise Indian Milind Panha, yoga knowledge spread easily through almost all parts of the world. For example wise Greeks and Romans borrowed from gymnastics wise ascetic yogis that they ghimnosofiti called them. Yoga is still found in the famous epic Mahabharatha twilight times (Baghavad Gita), Ramaiana or Patanjali's famous text. It is found in distant cultural tradition of the famous artieni who later colonized India. god Shiva is common Aryans by excellent guardian of this science appear in most science texts reveals yoga as yoga. Therefore synonymous with the early beginnings of yoga revealing Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, or Rama, Krishna etc., is therefore a science too old to be able to date precisely. Most treaties tantric yoga are revealed as dialogues between Shiva and Shakti. However yoga is not part of any religion and is a philosophical, scientific and very well developed practice that aims to achieve ultimate perfection and release of the limitations and prejudices mental.

The word yoga literally from Sanskrit means "fusion, fusion." This science exploit all potentialities latent in the body, mind and spirit. Thanks to their amplification of the entire universe man living the experience of ecstatic experience, the ineffable or reaching special paranormal powers such as levitation, telepathy, telechinezie, perfect control of body functions, etc..
But the most important thing is yoga aims to achieve a state of spiritual enlightenment, omniscient and pervasive. In the third century St. Philophumena Hippolit wrote in a class of wandering about ghimnosofiti (yogis) who spend their lives naked (for them all organs are equally important and why they have not assigned a moral hierarchy when none constitute the "corpus delictus"). For them as supreme spiritual light utterance whose consciousness reveals them to penetrate the mysteries inteleptilorpentru ultimate nature and the universe is God himself.

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