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Yoga science



During Kundalini (usually as a result of kundalini yoga exercises that allow awakening and controlling this process), located in the Muladhara chakra, between anus and sex, power up (in the form of kundalini) all 7 chakras gradually activating a after another. At each level you reach and energize yogi feels very intense happiness, exraz a particular state of bliss and he also acquired certain psychic powers specific to each chakra. This allows in fact a vast and refined openness in knowledge. In Tibetan yoga, the bliss of great importance. Master Tsongkhapa said about this stage bliss in chakras:

"The navel chakra (Manipura) is induced innate bliss
heart chakra (Anahata) - Special bliss
throat chakra (vishuda) - is known as the supreme bliss of
the one on the crown (Sahasrara) - is usually the first known simply bliss the bliss. "

This energy can be awakened to a lesser extent, occasionally as a result of strong emotions, lengthy efforts, inspiration, situations of shock, dance, trance, etc.. Kundalini is experienced when climbing a pleasant shiver up my spine and then throughout the body as a pleasant tingling sensation or a feeling of lightness. If dance inspiration or revelation even as ecstatic bliss. It is said that human being must be very pure as to awaken kundalini energy in all its grandeur. This purifying and strengthening the subtle nervous centers is through specific yoga exercises.

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