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Zen was born in China and was brought from India by Boddhidharma wise, the sixth century AD. He wanted a "direct transmission of life, of wisdom, no dependnta from dead letter; awareness of God's existence in permanent manifestation of Divine contemplation and realization natruri own state of Buddha." Decision was taken because of scholastic degeneration of Buddhism in India. Boddhidharma spent many years in China constantly meditating Buddha posture. After nine years of uninterrupted meditation he realizes the ultimate truth transmitter noilar his disciples. His method is that the original lacked teaching of words and when they were their purpose was to block the mind of the disciple taking birth famous Zen Koan sites.
This spiritual path that is based on meditation and posture, without a teaching written was taken in sec. XII by Master Dogen in Japan where it became Zen. The term Zen comes to Chinese ch'an which is taken from the Sanskrit word dhiana (meditation). Master Dogen used to say: "Awakening is achieved through practice
This awakening has no limits.
The practice comes from awakening,
This practice has not started. "
zen teaching goal is to achieve enlightenment which means perfection spiritual evolution. Zen is based entirely on meditation and not see the rationale other than those related concepts or ways of looking inside.

"When you sit in meditation, imagine the thoughts begin to rise like bubbles appear on the surface of consciousness. If you focus on the theme of meditation on the breath, thoughts slowly disappear, the problems will be eliminated to achieve a calm deep impurities disappear as if you bathe in a wash and go living water pollution. you find yourself, find you learn to be aware of the childish ego reactions and the role you play in the event. You become much deeper, clearer, more decided, happier.'re alone together with others "

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