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Relational chart
Natal chart
(temporarily suspended)
  You can know:

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the
What lessons has taught each, and the couple's
  relationship is meant
What causes your conflicts and how they can be
What is erotic potential of each of you and how
  you tend to manifest in this plan
What is the potential emotional and show how
  each love
Accurate relational chart refers to any relationship:
  the couple, between parents and children,
  Find out about:

Your personality and easiest way to cut his
  way in life
Money and material plan
Mental plan, expressing ideas and thoughts,
  communication, knowledge
Socially, relationships with bosses, integration
  in society
Health, relationships with co-workers with
Plan relational, love, marriage
Travel, education, rules
Professional, work
Erotic plan
Spiritual, faith, devotion


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