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For a deeper understanding of the symbolism of numbers, meaning they have in our lives, see the documentation made available in toroplanet.com directories:
Secret gold number
  The polarity of numbers
  Sacred geometry
  Esoteric numerology

Letters of your name affect how you finish the plans. It is quite possible that two individuals have the same number of names, but each of its component letters indicate how these people prefer to speak in terms of mental, physical, emotional or intuitive.

Mental letters indicate a deliberate nature, which makes decisions calmly and self-control, letting the influence of feelings or instincts.
Physical letters indicate the need for natives to act rather than sit to meditate. When the physical is predominantly reveals an energetic nature, a person who always likes to be busy.
Emotional letters indicate that it will always take into account the voice of the heart and personal desires.
Intuitive letters show that those concerned are always based on instinct. Those in this category will be encouraged in knowing spirit. Often these people day-dream and how it deals with life seems completely devoid of common sense.

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